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Insurance - The Law

  • To drive a car on public roads in the UK you are legally required to hold a valid Car Insurance policy. By law, all motorists must be insured against their liability for injuring other people (including passengers) and for damage to other people's property

Insurance - Contract Hire & Contract Purchase

  • All end user drivers of vehicles supplied on contract hire or contract purchase terms are required by your leasing or finance company to hold a valid Comprehensive Insurance policy.
    Car Insurers base premiums on a range of details, including: -
    • Vehicle make, model and year
    • Drivers date of birth
    • Driving history.
    • Vehicle annual mileage.
    • Who else will drive the vehicle
    • Business and or Personal usage type
    • Where vehicle will be kept

    Your premium will also depend on the type, excess and level of cover you require

Vehicle Insurance from A-Plan

  • When you have ordered your new vehicle from RapidLease you will need to provide comprehensive insurance cover to start on the day of delivery.
    As a leading UK insurance broker we can recommend A-Plan who offer individual solutions for a wide range of vehicle insurance requirements. A-Plan already have over 400,000 clients enjoying competitive premiums with personal, friendly and professional service. Whatever your car insurance requirements, A-Plan have access to a wide range of facilities from leading insurers.
    A-Plan staff understand that quoting for insurance is about more than just finding the cheapest premium. their relationships with a range of insurers enables A-Plan to negotiate competitive premiums for your cover, also taking into consideration your individual circumstances before recommending a policy. You'll appreciate the care taken when selecting your quotes if you ever need to make a claim.

    Get Insurance Quotation Click the A-Plan banner below to get a personalised free no obligation quotation. The program is fully FSA compliant

    • Free Insurance - Mercedes-Benz

      • "First Cover" from Mercedes Insurance offers you 7 days free complimentary cover when you lease a new Mercedes-Benz car supplied through RapidLease by our appointed Mercedes-Benz dealer distributors. To arrange your free "First Cover" on-line please call:us on 0844 478 1978 or email with "First Cover in the subject line". You will receive a direct Mercedes-Benz number to apply for 7 days free insurance "First Cover" documentation sent directly to our appointed Mercedes-Benz supplier, so taxing and registration of your new vehicle is quick, avoiding postal and delivery delays. Mercedes-Benz Insurance have all our appointed Mercedes-Benz dealer details to process the 7 day insurance cover-note and e-mail directly through to an administration team at that dealership.
Contract Hire / Lease GAP Insurance

  • Eligibility - Contract Hire & Personal Contract Hire, Business & Personal Contract Purchase
    Contract Hire / Lease GAP is available for vehicles financed under a contract hire agreement or other lease type arrangements only and is available to companies and private individuals. New cars can be covered for a maximum period of 5 years.
    Contract Hire / Lease GAP is available for the period of cover you require, If the vehicle is written off during the contract hire / lease agreement, you will be personally liable for any financial shortfall remaining if the contract hire company require more than your motor insurer is willing to pay in settlement.


  • Original Cost of your car:£20,000
    Deposit or Initial Payment:£2,000
    Amount of loan or Contract Funding:£18,000
    One year later the car is stolen or is in an accident and declared a total loss.
    Amount still owing to your leasing / finance company:£12,000
    The insurance company pays you only:£9,000

So what will you have to do?
Simple! The Vehicle end user (in contract hire) or owner in contract purchase) has to pay the "GAP"

  • Solution
    Contract Hire GAP Insurance will pay that £3,000 still owing to the Finance / Contract Hire Company
    Get GAP Quotation
    Click the GAP banner below and get a personalised free no obligation quotation. The program is fully FSA compliant

At RapidLease we want you know how we manage your order

  • RapidLease have links with a network of dealer distributors throughout England, Scotland and Wales
    Once your order is placed with us we then acquire credit acceptance from the leasing company supplying you with the appointed dealer distributor details and contact information.
    Our appointed dealer is tasked to manage your vehicle order, issue of contracts, payment receipt, registration, pre-delivery inspection, valeting and delivery to your home or office.
Termination - Early Termination

  • If you wish to terminate a vehicle contract before end of term there will be a financial penalty Details of costs involved will be printed on your agreement. We recommend you contact the leasing company direct to request an "Early Termination Settlement" figure in writing.