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Listed below are the most frequently asked questions posed together with factual responses that we hope will assist you in understanding those issues

We have not listed all the questions a customer may raise, if you have an additional query or need clarification you are welcome to contact us by phone or email for further information.

Are your vehicles new ?
Yes, all new UK dealer supplied cars and commercial vehicles
Exceptions are pre-registered UK dealer supplied vehicles clearly marked on our website with delivery mileage only.

What is contract hire ?
A finance lease where a vehicle is supplied for a fixed term at an agreed mileage

What vehicles can you supply ?
Current offers featured on our website are our most competitive with additions, amendments and deletions actioned daily
For that reason we may today not be displaying the precise model you require and you are invited to make an enquiry for that vehicle using our web form, we will advise you if and when available

Do you supply to business and private individuals ?
Yes to both, most offers are available to personal users by adding all the Vat to business rates
All offers available to personal users are featured on personal pages and already include Vat
Selected offers available to business users only are clearly marked, those offers may also be available to personal users through other suppliers and/or funders at a different rate

Do your vehicles have makers warranty ?
Yes, all carry full UK makers warranty limited to time and mileage, whichever comes first
Exceptions being where a time with unlimited mileage is declared by the maker

Do your vehicles have breakdown recovery ?
Yes, all carry free UK breakdown recovery service limited to time and mileage whichever comes first
Exceptions being where additional cover is declared by the maker or a vehicle is supplied on fully maintained terms

How do your prices compare ?
We take care to analyse our web offers before posting those deals
We only advertise our most competitive deals and quote knowing we are giving you our best price first time

Do your prices include Vat ?
Personal contract pages do include all Vat at the prevailing rate and rounded down to the nearest £
Business, short term, commercial and top ten pages are all exclusive of Vat

Are your vehicles in stock ?
All vehicles displayed on top ten page are supplied from new UK stocks
Other pages display a range of offers from either current UK stock, pipeline supplies or for factory order
Our sales team can check availability and lead time of your selection

Can I change the term and mileage ?
Yes, most (not all) 2 year offers may also be available over 3 or 4 years
Most (not all) 3 year offers may be available on either 2 or 4 year terms
Mileages can be adjusted to suit customer requirements in multiples of 1,000 miles per annum
Exceptions are where a stock offer or deal has already been written and in the case where a cancelled order is offered for re-sale

What about options ?
Many vehicles are available from stock either in standard trim or with factory cost options already fitted
Dealer fitted options such as mats, towbar, park etc can be supplied and the cost rolled up into monthly payments
Factory fit options may also be selected where that vehicle is being built to order and quoted accordingly

Is full term road tax included ?
Yes, full term road fund licence is supplied where a vehicle supplied on contract hire is registered to the leasing company at their address
Vehicles are delivered with 12 months road fund licence, subsequent tax discs are posted to the customer to arrive in good time
Exceptions are where a vehicle is supplied on operating lease terms and registered to the leasing company care/of the customer at their home or business address, also where a vehicle is supplied on personal or business contract purchase terms and the vehicle is registered to the user at their home or business address.
In those cases 12 months road fund licence is included, it is the customer responsibility to tax the vehicle for the remaining term

Who services the vehicle ?
It is the responsibity of the lessee to service and maintain the vehicle to an acceptable standard.
All leasing company vehicles must be main dealer serviced according to makers schedule of time and mileage
Vehicle equipment must be maintained in legal and working order with tyres replaced if below the legal minimum.
Optional maintenance plans to include full term dealer servicing, repairs, tyres and breakdown recovery service available with most contracts at additional monthly cost.

Is delivery included ?
Yes, vehicles are transported or driver delivered to your home or office
Delivery mileage is deducted from total mileage at end of term
Free delivery is available to mainland England, Scotland and Wales with some geographical restrictions

Is maintenance included ?
Maintenance covering service, repairs, tyres and full term breakdown recovery service is at optional cost, quoted and included at customers request

How do I get a quote ?
Find the vehicle you want and click "get quote"
Alternatively click on coloured bar text "click here for a quick quote"
Select business or personal to complete the correct form

How do I place an order ?
To place an order by phone please call us on 0844 478 1978
To accept a written quote received and place an order please either email your acceptance stating quote number, preferred colour, options and when the vehicle is required or call us on 0844 478 1978 with those details

What personal or business information is required to order ?
Order Proposals are treated as credit applications.
Business applicants will be asked for trading type, style, name, address, phone, email, time trading, prime movers and bank details
Personal applicants will be asked for name, address, phone, email, date of birth, status, employers and bank details
If the leasing company require further information we will contact customers by phone or email
We guide you through the application process, once credit approved we can reserve or order in your new vehicle

Who is the leasing company ?
The leasing company and dealer supply point can be notified to you upon receipt of credit approval

What insurance is required ?
All leasing companies demand comprehensive cover which also protects customers in the event of a vehicle being written off or stolen and not recovered
Links on this web site can assist in obtaining insurance quotes providing comprehensive cover and optional GAP insurance to cover insurance payout shortfall

Can I adjust mileage ?
Yes, most leasing companies want to accurately project their vehicle future values
Customers may contact leasing companies to adjust mileages upwards only to take account of current over mileage and increased mileage likely to be covered

What happens at end of term ?
The leasing company contacts the customer to arrange vehicle collection

Who pays for wear and tear ?
Wear and tear is expected during the life of contract in normal driving conditions at the determined mileage
Excessive wear and tear, also know as dilapidation, is charged to the lessee upon return of vehicle
Accident damage and missing or broken items are also likely to be re-charged. We recommend customers maintain their contracted vehicle as if it were their own and attend to damage, broken and missing items before end of term
Good practice, prior to collection by the leasing company is to clean the vehicle and take multiple digital photos of interior and exteriors, agreeing and retaining a copy of the "condition report" before releasing the car

Can I own the vehicle ?
Contract hire vehicles are registered to the leasing company and remain their property
Leasing companies mainly dispose of their ex-lease vehicles through trade and auction routes and may be approached by customers making a "driver buy bid" although they are not compelled to accept such

What is excess ppm ?
Mileage is a critical factor influencing vehicle resale values
Excess pence per mile amount charged for exceeding the agreed total mileage
Example: contract hire 36 months 3+35 payments at 10,000 miles per annum with excess at 5p per mile +Vat
Vehicle is returned with 36,000 miles covered Excess = 36,000 minus 30,000 x £0.05 - £300.00 +Vat to pay

Not applicable to contract hire, APR is annual percentage rate calculation that allows consumers to compare costs of financing. APR takes into account the amount of interest you pay and any other fees charged by the provider such as an arrangement fee for setting up the funding. It also takes into account when and how interest and other charges are applied. This can mean if you compare say a mortgage APR with say a Personal Contract Purchase APR you may not draw a true comparison as they are different types of financial products.

What is balloon payment ?
Also known as GFV (Guaranteed Future Value) a final payment, an option to purchase with a Personal or Business Contract Purchase agreement, usually compulsory with Business Lease Purchase agreement. This value is calculated on factors including new vehicle value, length of contract, mileage estimated and predicted market value

What is BiK ?
Benefit in kind, a term used by the HM Customs and Revenue in assessing the personal tax liability for a company car or fuel allowance received. If an employer provides the employee with a company vehicle that individual may be liable to pay tax based on the value, fuel type and emissions of the car. Commercial vehicles and others used for business purpose only are treated differently. We suggest you seek advise from an independent FSA accredited professional or accountant on this subject.

What is Co2 ?
The emission rating of a vehicle expressed in grams per kilometre shown as gm/km. Lower emissions are more environmentally friendly with a lesser tax liability to the company car driver

What is depreciation ?
This is the amount of value a vehicle loses determined by mileage, age, condition, service history, length of MoT, content of service history, number of owners and market conditions.

What is an effective rental ?
The true cost of monthly rentals which takes into account a disallowed Vat element of a Contract Hire or Finance Lease agreement
Example: monthly rental £200.00 plus Vat = £230 incl Vat @15%, 50% of Vat is disallowed, effective rental becomes £215.00.

What about disallowable Vat ?
If a vehicle funded using Business Contract Hire or Finance Lease is used for any personal use the company or lessee as end user is permitted to reclaim 50% of Vat charged on the rental payment and 100% of Vat charged on the maintenance element. That portion of Vat not reclaimable back is termed as disallowable Vat.

What is early termination ?
When a lease or finance agreement is cancelled before to full term. Contract Hire agreements are for a fixed term and will incur charges for cancellation.

What about guaranteed future value ?
This is a predicted value written in to the end of certain finance agreements, typically a Personal Contract Purchase agreement gives you this amount guaranteed as an option to purchase at end of term.

What is an initial payment ?
This is the first payment (I.P) made on an agreement upon vehicle delivery. Typically this payment is made by cheque payable direct to the leasing company or taken by Direct Debit soon after delivery.

On The Road price, the final invoice value of a vehicle, including road tax, registration fee, number plates and delivery when new to dealer. Contract hire agreements are devoid of on the road prices as customer are effectively renting the car long term from the legal owner, a leasing or finance company.

What is off balance sheet funding ?
If a vehicle is funded on Contract hire, it cannot show as asset on a company or business balance sheet. Rental and maintenance costs can detailed in the profit and loss account and with no write down required this method of funding offers tax savings in most cases.
We suggest you seek professional advice on this subject from an accountant.

What is pooled mileage ?
A business running a large fleet may wish to group together or pool the mileage of vehicles. This may assist in keeping overall running costs down
Example: a vehicle may cover 2,000 miles less than the agreed amount, another may cover 2,000 miles more. Excess mileage charges may be averted by offset, totalling vehicle mileages and dividing by the number of vehicles.

What is a payment profile ?
Most contract hire agreements are advertised as 3+35 and agreed by underwriters this way. Making an initial payment equal to 3 times monthly rentals, subsequent monthly payments are kept to a minimum.
Example a three year payment profile would be shown as 3+35 making a total of 38 payments. i.e the total contract cost is divided into 38 parts
A 1+35 payment profile may be available to longer established and larger businesses or individuals with high credit scores, subject to underwriters approval.

What is a doc fee ?
Documentation fees may be charged by certain leasing companies to set up and manage a customer account for the duration of contract
Alternative documentation or credit facility fees may (or may not) be charged by us. Example: where a "trade rate" supply or "discounted rate" supply is made or in the case of a personal rate being offered at a "business users only" rate plus Vat
We will always show any documentation or other fees on our quotations. We will never charge a fee where the leasing company has already made a charge.

What is the residual value or RV ?
This is the amount a vehicle is worth at end of term, a forecast made for the market value at the end of a contract hire term or contract purchase type agreement.

Road Fund Licence, the vehicle excise duty commonly referred to as Road Tax.