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  • Our aim is to provide cost effective vehicle leasing solutions to both business and personal customers throughout the UK, meeting and exceeding expectations through our quality of service

Our commitment to our customers

  • We will
        Provide a high standard of customer service
        Acknowledge all enquiries made by web form, phone and email
        Take account of customers requirements and circumstances
        Keep customers informed throughout the process
        Always contact customers when we say we will
        Deem all customer information as personal, private and confidential
        Listen to customer feedback, suggestions and criticism
        Be honest and truthful, never give advice beyond our remit
        Deliver improvements to enhance customer experience
        Treat our customers as we would wish to be treated ourselves

Our values

  •     We believe in our business and the benefits brought to customers and staff alike.
        We place value on both our external and internal customers
        We work to achieve our goals and personal fulfilment
        We take reasonability for our actions individually and as a team
        We embrace change to improve our service and performance
        We educate our team to implement industry knowledge and new technologies

Privacy Statement

Customer information - Our commitment
  • Customer information provided voluntarily through our web forms or email, telephone and facsimile is stored electronically Such information is stored securely and never sold to any third party

The Data Protection Act
  • RapidLease is registered with The Information Commissioners Office

    During our relationship with customers certain detailed personal information will be required to perform requests made by customers. Those tasks include quotations, orders, credit applications, contract productions, payments, receipts and delivery. We have a legal obligation to ensure that all information held and processed about all our customers complies with the Data Protection Act. The Act requires all personal and sensitive information to be held securely and treated in the strictest confidence only to be used in circumstances of which you will be aware

    We deem all customers information as personal, private and confidential, no such information will be disclosed unless:

        Where disclosure is made at your request or with your consent
        Where your details will be used in providing the service you applied for
        Where information is used for ongoing administration of the service.
        We are legally compelled to do so by law, warrant or court order
        Disclosure is required to protect our interest or that of the public

Using your personal information
  • Your personal details will only be used in providing the service you applied for and ongoing administration of the service. Your data will be transported through secure servers and the data will be covered by data protection laws while stored on the server. If you make an additional request those details will again be passed on solely for that purpose

    • Consent
      • Consent to disclose may not be required in writing if the information is provided by telephone for the service requested. We may on occasions engage agents, sub contractors or leasing companies and other financial institutions to process your information on our or your behalf. The same duty of confidentiality and security applies to those agents, sub contractors or leasing companies and financial institutions with all processing carried out under our control

        • Keeping you Informed
          • There may be times when we feel that a service or product offered by ourselves may be of benefit to you. We may use information obtained to make you aware of such service or product and contact you by email, phone, post or fax to provide you full details allowing you to make an informed choice. You are under no obligation to apply for or accept any of the services or products offered. If you prefer not to receive any information, please write to us and we will immediately remove you from our marketing database

            • Protecting Our Customers
              • We will endeavour to protect you from entering into an agreement that may not be in your best interest. When applying for credit, funders will use a Credit Scoring process. This helps to assess your application ensuring affordability to repay and fulfil a duty of care by the leasing company as a responsible lender. You must be aware that in considering any credit application your record at credit reference agencies and other information sources will be searched. The credit search details and your application will be added to your record with the agency along with details of your agreements, payments you make under it and any defaults or failure to keep to its terms. Other sources of information including public records may also be searched in order to validate the information you have supplied

                • Business Customers
                  • The Data Protection Act applies only to private individuals. sole traders and partnerships and not to companies themselves. When any application is received from a business further information may be required and a search at credit reference agencies made on the directors, partners or as individuals

                    • Adverse Credit History
                      • If your credit application is declined or you have experienced problems obtaining credit you may request a copy of your credit file from credit reference agencies, they will make a small charge for this service. Their address: Experian Ltd, Consumer Service Dept 1E PO Box 8000 Nottingham GN1 5GX

                        • Your information
                          • Any use of your personal information is covered by The Data Protection Act. Under the act you have the right to obtain a copy of any information we hold about you
                            To receive a copy of such data please write a signed letter posted to our office address.

                            • Sensitive Data
                              • Certain information is deemed as sensitive, we do not collect information relating to racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs, trade union membership, physical or mental health, sexual life, criminal proceedings and offences.

                                • Fraud
                                  • Should provide us with false information and we suspect fraud, we will record the matter, cease contact and report to the relevant authorities
Contract Hire / Lease GAP Insurance

  • Eligibility - Contract Hire & Personal Contract Hire, Business & Personal Contract Purchase
    Contract Hire / Lease GAP is available for vehicles financed under a contract hire agreement or other lease type arrangements only and is available to companies and private individuals. New cars can be covered for a maximum period of 5 years.
    Contract Hire / Lease GAP is available for the period of cover you require, If the vehicle is written off during the contract hire / lease agreement, you will be personally liable for any financial shortfall remaining if the contract hire company require more than your motor insurer is willing to pay in settlement.


  • Original Cost of your car:£20,000
    Deposit or Initial Payment:£2,000
    Amount of loan or Contract Funding:£18,000
    One year later the car is stolen or is in an accident and declared a total loss.
    Amount still owing to your leasing / finance company:£12,000
    The insurance company pays you only:£9,000

So what will you have to do?
Simple! The Vehicle end user (in contract hire) or owner in contract purchase) has to pay the "GAP"

  • Solution
    Contract Hire GAP Insurance will pay that £3,000 still owing to the Finance / Contract Hire Company
    Get GAP Quotation
    Click the GAP banner below and get a personalised free no obligation quotation. The program is fully FSA compliant

At RapidLease we want you know how we manage your order

  • RapidLease have links with a network of dealer distributors throughout England, Scotland and Wales
    Once your order is placed with us we then acquire credit acceptance from the leasing company supplying you with the appointed dealer distributor details and contact information.
    Our appointed dealer is tasked manage your vehicle order, issue of contracts, payment receipt, registration, pre-delivery inspection, valeting and delivery to your home or office.
Termination - Early Termination

  • If you wish to terminate a vehicle contract before end of term there will be a financial penalty Details of costs involved will be printed on your agreement. We recommend you contact the leasing company direct to request an "Early Termination Settlement" figure in writing.